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The Rise of the Budget Photographer

It’s a new year and 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of Rivets and Roses! It’s a great time to reflect on a decade of business - where we’ve started (with one photographer) and how we’ve grown into a full wedding photography studio. It’s also a time to think about what’s ahead.

Rivets and Roses is a wedding photography studio that’s founded on providing affordable wedding photography while also delivering a high-quality product. All of our photographers are hand-picked by owner, Eliesa Johnson of Photogen Inc., which ensures we have the best artists out there working for our team. It also provides our clients with more creative options. Each of our artists has a different photographic style, so as couples come to our website, we invite them to look through everyone’s portfolios to find a connection with the photographer that’s perfect for their wedding day. When couples book a Rivets and Roses artist, they know they are getting the best-of-the-best in the photography business, along with the experience of being taken care of by our studio. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Budget Wedding Photographer Minnesota | Rivets & Roses Wedding Photography

One major shift we’ve realized in the current wedding market is the rise of the “budget photographer” and why this is important to newly engaged couples. Yes, affordable wedding photography has always been an option, but our current economy is ever-changing and couples are looking at planning their weddings entirely differently. We took a deep dive into why affordable weddings and elopements are more popular than ever among the Gen Z and Millennial generations, along with reasons why choosing an affordable wedding photographer is a fantastic option.

The Millennial generation has statistically been waiting longer to get married. According to The New York Times, the average age of marriage is now late 20s to early 30s, which leads to an increase in the amount of couples who are self-funding their own weddings. Because of this, couples often opt for longer engagements and put a higher priority on how they spend their wedding budget.

Image by    Nicole McCoy

Image by Nicole McCoy

To be frank, Gen Z and Millennial couples have a lot going against them. They’re coming out of college with more school debt, health insurance is more expensive than ever, and the housing market is at its peak. Even though our economy is currently strong, cash flow is remaining fairly minimal. These are also generations that value travel highly, so when it comes to planning a wedding, they often look to invest more in a honeymoon experience. These couples are absolutely willing to invest in their wedding day and in amazing vendors, but they also want to make sure they’re working with businesses that have these common values:

  1. A Mission-Based Business: Couples are looking to work with vendors whose cultures and beliefs align with their own values. Here at Rivets and Roses, our studio has put diversity and equality at the forefront of everything we do. Additionally, we have more couples than ever mention that the reason they book Rivets & Roses for their wedding photography has to do with the fact that we are an inclusive company where everyone is welcome.

Budget Wedding Photographer Minnesota | Rivets & Roses Wedding Photography

2. Hyper-Global or Hyper-Local: Working with an affordable wedding photographer can open up other possibilities. Lots of couples today opt for destination elopements and they’re also bringing back courthouse weddings. Both options provide them with small, intimate events and more money to fly out their perfect photographer or shop local. Our photographers at Rivets & Roses serve both our local market and clients whose weddings are more global, making for really fun weddings!

Image by    Jess Ekstrand

Image by Jess Ekstrand

3. Simple and Minimal: There’s no doubt that we’re in a time of tidying up our lives. Marie Kondo’s philosophy is thriving and the minimalist lifestyle is a breath of fresh air—and this also applies to weddings. With more couples planning smaller weddings, they’re also looking to simplify their budget by working with affordable wedding photographers.

Image by    Melissa Hesse

Image by Melissa Hesse

Overall, quality is still key. Just because a couple doesn’t have (or doesn’t want) to spend money on a luxury-level wedding, doesn't meant they want to compromise the quality of their wedding day. These couples also aren’t looking for a cheap option, they are looking to be economical. These current generations are savvy, creative, and thrive on relationship-driven connections. They also value quality and heirloom products. Photographs are always the lasting product from a wedding day and one which will stand the test of time and technology.

Here at Rivets & Roses, we’ve found a way to make it all work. Quality images, an amazing experience, and an affordable price point. And to make it even better, couples get to choose a photographer that fits their style. We know your wedding—and your budget—is important and we can’t wait to work with you on your wedding day!