5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer | Rivets and Roses

There are many questions you can ask a wedding photographer when you inquire with them. Our list of 5 questions to ask a wedding photographer are universal to any couple that meets with potential photographers. Read on!

What to ask wedding photographer | Minnesota Wedding Photographer | Rivets & Roses

1. How does hourly and full day coverage effect the timeline?

If the wedding photographer you are inquiring with offers full day and hourly coverage you will first want to consider which option fits best for your day. It will determine what time the photographer arrives and ends. Having full day coverage is going to allow flexibility in your timeline with no restrictions on the coverage. Hourly will be more restricted to the coverage depending on the hours you hire the photographer for. Asking this question will give you an idea of how they can work with your wedding day timeline, along with getting the coverage you are looking for.

2. Do I really need a second photographer?

Most wedding photographers offer packages that include a second photographer. The second photographer is there to support the lead for any needs they have. It allows the lead photographer to focus on the shot list while the second photographer captures moments that often go unseen. For example while you are having your portraits taken by the lead photographer the second photographer is capturing candid moments of the wedding party. Here at Rivets and Roses we give this question a big YES!

3. How will the images be delivered?

The delivery of your wedding images will most likely be delivered on a USB drive. Some photographers will also deliver them through an online gallery or both! File share programs such as Dropbox are also common for the delivery of images. Will the images be edited? Will the images be high resolution or low resolution? You can also ask them to give you a ball park of how many images will be delivered. The amount of images vary depending on the coverage you book them for.

4. Will there be a contract for the services?

Once you have selected your wedding photographer you will want to know the next step for booking them. It usually begins with signing a contract for their services. General contracts include the specifics of coverage, what is included in the delivery, an in depth description of the copyrights, and a model release. Often times the photographer requires a down payment at the same time of the booking. Along with asking about a contract we suggest asking about a down payment as well.

5. General questions to ask a wedding photographer:

  • What type of equipment do you use?

  • How far in advanced should I book?

  • Who owns the rights to the images?

  • Have you photographed at our venue?

  • Can I see what a wedding delivery looks like?

  • Have you photographed weddings the size of mine?

  • What if I don't want my images shared on the internet?

  • When is the final payment due?

  • Is there a cancelation fee?

  • What happens if I lose my wedding images?