At long last (Post by Louisa)

After trying to write the first sentence of this blog post 4 times, I'm just going to skip right to the second sentence and tell you all about Georgia & Andrew's wedding. They were married on a hot, hot summer day, surrounded by their closest family and friends. The lovely bride wore her mother's wedding gown and our handsome groom was decked out in a snazzy suit, a pink shirt (love men who wear pink, btw) and suspenders. These two were mellow, warm, kind and so happy to be getting married to each other that the day couldn't possibly have gone better. After an 11 am ceremony, everyone was treated to thebestweddingfoodiveevereaten at Brasa Restaurant. After lunch the couple was whisked away in a pedicab for portraits and the whole affair was wrapped up by 5:30 pm. Here's what I learned from this wedding: I learned that I LOVE morning ceremonies. The rest of the day is so easygoing after the ceremony is finished! I learned that little boys in bow ties are the cutest thing ever. I learned that sometimes it takes 2 states, 2 continents, 2 countries and 7 years for a relationship to get to the right place. I learned (again) that I am mega lucky and honored to be included in days like this one. Georgia & Andrew: CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to see what lovely moments life has in store for you.