Alternative Wedding Registry Ideas

Photo by Rivets and Roses photographer Thea Volk Modern weddings are shifting when it comes to registering for wedding gifts. We are beginning to see many couples have a guest book signing table with no place for gifts since many are registering online these days. Although having older relatives figure out an online registry leaves them confused, so if you are going to have an online registry make sure it is easy to use! We have researched some of the best alternative online registries to hopefully help you find the perfect one for you and your wedding guests. Deciding where to register online can be tricky, especially if you want to have multiple registries. You first have to figure out what you’re most interested in before deciding which of these online wedding registries will work best for you. 

1. Zola Zola is an online registry that allows you to personalize your page, and register from any store. They always have someone who is ready to help you and your guests with any questions that come up. They also offer group gifting to make any item a group gift, and let guests contribute as they wish. Zola is great because everything is all in one place!

2. Honeyfund Honeyfund is a free online registry that lets your wedding guests contribute to your dream honey moon. You can customize gifts specifically for your trip, like a cocktail or upgrading to first class, or let them contribute as they wish! With Honeyfund you can customize your page specifically to your location. Browse through their ready made registries based on your honey moon location, or customize your own registry! Honeyfund is great if you already have everything you need in your home and don't plan on shopping around.

3. My My allows you to add gifts from any online store, and allows you to sync store registries to make it easy by having everything all in one place for your guests to browse through. With this alternative online registration option you can also create inspiration boards to discover gifts that you may be missing in your search. My is great for finding new gifts, and stores that fit your taste!

4. Thankful Thankful is a beautiful, open platform registry for all the best events in life. Thankful is an all inclusive registry that keeps everything on a simple list for your guests to browse through, and allows them to pick the perfect gift for them to give to you on your special day. Your guests have so much flexibility on your Thankful registry because it allows them to pay in any currency, and they can choose gift cards or an actual item from your registration.