honeymoon ideas

the pacific northwest {by leslie}

I have a confession... I just got back from a glorious vacation. I am always torn about taking a big trip in October because it's such a high time for weddings, family portraits and high school seniors. But October is the month of my own wedding anniversary (14 years next week!) and the month of my husband's birthday. So I take the time away from work to focus on my guy and what's important. This year, we went to the Pacific Northwest, and what an awesome decision that was! We began in Seattle and then drove down the coast to a gorgeous cottage in Gearhart, Oregon. Hey brides! This would make a fantastic honeymoon spot. I'm just sayin'. We took all kinds of day trips down the coast (watched surfers, visited aquariums, hiked in the woods, visited cheese factories) and then we spent another day exploring nearby wine country (tastings, tastings and more tastings). I cannot suggest this trip enough. And if that doesn't convince you, maybe you should check out the photos...


See what I mean?