Engagement Session Tips

You’re engaged!

It is such an exciting time for the both of you and the next step is to plan your big day. Along with that comes finding a wedding photographer and then taking your engagement photos. You may be someone who is stoked about it and has everything planned out already or you are someone who is looking for the photographer’s advice of what to do and how to prepare for your engagement session. We have heard the questions and have the answers!

Image by  Melissa Hesse

Where should we take our engagement photos?

Let’s start with you two as a couple. What is it that you enjoy doing together? Where do you spend most of your time? What kind of hobbies could be incorporated into your session that reflects your life together? It doesn’t have to be so literal either. If you spend a lot of time together in a general place, pick out a few spots that represent the area. These can be landmarks such as iconic signs, parks, or bridges that define where you live in.

Image by  Nicole McCoy

Image by Nicole McCoy

What should we wear?

We get this questions a lot. Like a lot a lot. Make sure you pick out at least two options to bring variety into your photos. Avoid any loud colors or patterns that would clash with the other. Think about the location as well and what would be appropriate. Layer up if you want to have more options . Bring a jacket, hat, or scarf that can be played with. If you just aren’t sure, bring all the options and have your photographer help you decide.

Image by  Melissa Hesse

Image by Melissa Hesse

When should we take them?

It totally depends on your timeline. If you are using the images for a save the date, you’ll want to do them in the timeline that fits best for your deadline. The time of year will also be a big factor into when you should take your engagement photos. Having all four seasons can make it hard to choose but you can’t go wrong! Use your judgement on what kind of scene you want for your photos. The season will set the mood for your and help determine the type of clothes you’ll wear.

Image by  Andy Yelken

Image by Andy Yelken

How long is the session?

Every engagement session is different and based on what you have planned will be a factor. We suggest having one to two specific locations to visit and allow 30 minutes at each location. Your photographer should be able to get a good amount of images in that amount of time. Pro tip: change your outfit for the second location.

Image by  Melissa Hesse

Image by Melissa Hesse

What if it rains?

If you are really tied to a bright sunny day, reschedule your session. If you are up for the rain, having an umbrella will add to the fun and make a great theme throughout your photos. We suggest also having an indoor location planned out so you don’t spend the entire session out in the rain.

Image by  Jess Ekstrand

Image by Jess Ekstrand

What is the best indoor location?

We so wish we had a magic answer to this question. Many indoor locations require a photo permit and have restrictions. You can rent a photo studio or get permission at the desired location before hand but there aren’t many indoor locations that allow photos without it. Restaurants or cafes can also be considered. Just make sure to get the approval first and then go in for a drink to celebrate your engagement!

Image by  Jess Ekstrand

Image by Jess Ekstrand

Can my pet be in the photos?

The answer to this question is always a big YES from us. We love when they are included!! Your pet is a big part of your life so having an in home session can be a great way to include them. If you have a dog and want to bring them along to your outdoor session, we suggest having someone along to hold onto your dog for the moments they aren’t in the picture.