Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer | Rivets & Roses

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How important are the photos?

We know you hear this in every article you read but your wedding photographs will be the everlasting memory of your day. As technology advances and changes we encourage all of our clients to make prints and albums because it is even more important to have photographs that will stand the test of time. 


Many couples are not aware of what wedding photography will cost and don't know where to begin when setting a budget for their photography. We will tell you this, the standard for an experienced wedding photographer starts in the $2,500 range and up. The packages are what will vary and determine the coverage you get within your budget. There is no right or wrong about choosing a photographer in your budget. Your budget is your budget for the type of wedding you are having and finding a photographer you LOVE in your budget is important!


One of the first steps in choosing a wedding photographer will come down to the style of the photographer's work. Do you want classic, artistic, lifestyle, dramatic, documentary, or a slight hint of fashion? Determining the aesthetic of your wedding will also help you find a photographer whose style matches your vision. The photographer's work will tell the story of your wedding day, so do your homework and narrow down those artists whose work you feel is a perfect fit for your big day.


Once you have selected your top wedding photographers, meeting with them will be your next step. The person you are going to choose to be your wedding photographer should be someone you want to hang out with and are comfortable being around. After all they will be spending intimate and close moments with you throughout the day. The photographer should also be someone you see getting along with your family and friends. As much of the first half of the day will be around the couple the photographer also has to direct family photos and interact with guests. You will want to make sure you love your photographer as much as they love you. 

Choose your photographer!

By the time you have done your research and met with photographers, chances are you have a gut feeling about who you want to go with. This is exactly where you should be in this journey. Here at Rivets and Roses we believe in finding your perfect photographer. We know that connection is a magical moment for everyone! Your wedding photography journey begins here - getting to know each other and taking your engagement photos. Enjoy every step of the way!