Ask the Team // Topic: Favorite Part About a Wedding Day


For this months blog topic we asked our team what their favorite part is about a wedding day. There are so many moments that go into the day that we wanted to know what part our team gets most excited to photograph. This is what they said:


The anticipation, nervousness & anxiety that goes along with the early stages of the wedding day are what I love most. I can relate to the bride and groom and everyone involved. I still vividly remember my own wedding day and how my stomach felt just waiting and waiting to see my bride. As the couples photographer, I feel a similar sense of anticipation and excitement leading up to that first photo I take. I love the family interactions and range of emotions during the first few hours of the day. Usually, preparation locations are accompanied by interesting and dramatic light, which adds to the overall intensity. All of this reminds me of competing in Track & Field. Warming up. Stretching. Eventually, walking up to the starting line, waiting for the gun to go off. The actual race is an absolute blur...but, all that leads up to it is like preparation on a wedding day and its so exciting.    


The first part of the day, getting ready, is one of my favorite parts. I love capturing the energy and anticipation as the day begins, like when the flowers are being delivered, the dress is hanging in the closet, and the bridesmaids are drinking mimosas.  But, the First Dance can't be beat as far as romance is concerned. I often get swept up with the music, emotion, and movement of those few minutes. 


My Favorite part of the wedding day is the time immediately following the ceremony. Everyone is in great spirits, the excitement and mood is wonderful. The couple gets to relax a little and now everyone begins to party! I also really like to run away with the couple right after and grab photos with just the newlyweds!

Photo by Melissa Hesse

Photo by Melissa Hesse


The excitement and anticipation of the couple seeing each other for the first time in their wedding attire is my favorite part of a wedding day. The moments leading up to a first look creates an energy that is released when the couple finally sees each other and often times will share an emotional moment with their personal vows that no one else witnesses. After the first look it feels as if the wedding day has truly begun!