kameran and tom, married in chicago {by leslie}

Photographing any wedding is a pretty special privilege -- I often get more access to the bride that day than her own mother or her groom, and following the emotion and glamour is really a wonderful treat. But when I get to photograph weddings for people I know, it is even *more* special because it's like I get to be the VIP guest. And this was no exception. This wedding was for a childhood friend of mine -- we have known each other since we were about 3 years old. In fact, I gave this poor girl the chicken pox!

Anyway, to get to spend the full day with her and to see each beautiful moment unfold was extremely meaningful. Also? Trips to Chicago are a bonus as well! Enjoy the images below.

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Also! I should mention that the wonderful and fabulous Jess Eckstrand worked as my second shooter on this wedding, and as usual, did a bang-up job!