5 Tips to Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Picking a wedding photographer can be difficult when there are many options. There are many types of photographers, and styles. We understand it can be hard to know if you are reaching out to the right one for you.

Here are a few tips that can hopefully help you find your perfect Rivets and Roses wedding photographer:


Of course you must love the work of the wedding photographer, but most importantly you must connect with them! Your wedding photographer is going to be with you the entire day, and having someone you don't truly connect is a huge deal breaker. Whoever makes you feel the most comfortable, and understands you as a couple is going to bring that energy around you on your wedding day.  Make sure you feel that connection!


When it comes down to the final product you receive from the coverage of your wedding day choosing the right package is important.  Many people assume getting digital files from their wedding photographer is good enough. However, depending solely on digital files is risky since they may not last forever. We offer high quality prints and albums which we believe is the surest way to preserve those timeless moments on your wedding day, and our team offers a variety of packages that include digital and print options to meet all the needs of showing off your wedding photos! Make sure you always ask about additional prints and products.


We understand that weddings are expensive, and everyone is in a budget. Our Rivets and Roses team is specifically made to have the perfect price point with each photographer. Choosing a photographer that you love in your price point will help you break through the clutter!


Your entire experience is everything. From the first meeting, to booking, to the wedding day, and to finally receiving your images, only the highest quality of service and skill should run through your complete process with us. Our Rivets and Roses team has a wonderful studio that allows each photographer to create high quality experience and products that are truly going to last a lifetime.


After doing your homework, and meeting with potential wedding photographers, narrow down your choices. Do your pros and cons, and then hopefully you can find your perfect Rivets and Roses wedding photographer!