the great minnesota get together {by leslie}

One of the first things I fell in love with when I moved to Minnesota ten years ago (well, ONE of MANY things I fell in love with) was the state fair. I had never seen (or tasted) anything like it. I used to go for the food, then I would go for the people watching. But now? Now I go for the photos. You see, I loooooooove taking photos of goats. And chickens. And piglets. Will one of you get married on a farm already? Haha! Anyway, here are a few of my favorite shots from my day at this year's state fair. Enjoy!

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follow us {post by natalie}

Can you feel it? All the excitement in the air? With the holidays right behind us and the most romantic one almost upon us it tis'the season for engagements! If you are anything like me, and anything like most of my girlfriends, once that proposal is made it's all about plan, plan, planning for your big day! And what better way to get all of your thoughts organized into once place than in Pinterest! Pinterest is swiftly becoming the go-to resource for brides when planning for their wedding day. It's so easy (and fun!) to create boards to keep track of all the ideas you have for your flowers, wedding invitations and those swoon worthy bridal gowns! I'm fairly certain that if you can think it, you can pin it on Pinterest and that's what we love about it! Rivets & Roses is on Pinterest now too! From snippets of our work to creative DIY projects, the Rivets & Roses Pinterest site is one you will want to follow!  

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