Monthly Blog Topic // Team Post

For this months blog topic we asked our team why they think it is important for couples to get a wedding album and prints. In the time of digital what is the value of printed product?


I think having a printed album gives you a reason to relive your big day over and over. Friends and Family will also enjoy picking up the book off your coffee table for years to come. 


Receiving 750 images from your wedding day can be really overwhelming. My wife and I decided to create an album from our wedding photos and every year, on our anniversary, we find a cozy spot and go through it together. A lot of couples simply miss out on having a real, tangible experience with their photos because they are forever stuck on a digital device. If you love the smell of coffee, the sound of music on vinyl or actually going to a forest or lake and smelling the trees and diving into the water, not just seeing all this on your instagram feed, you NEED to make it a priority to get your hands on an album. I've never heard a couple regretting the decision to get an album. Do it! 


Wedding albums and prints are a meaningful piece of family history that for centuries people hold onto. We will never know if we can hold onto digital files forever since we live in a time where things are constantly changing. From my own personal experience having a wedding album to display the highlights of the day is priceless for the amount of joy it brings to us and others.


Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to describe the value of a printed photo,  or of an album. As a kid, on rainy days or just when bored, I would grab family photo albums and just flip through the pages often asking my mom and dad to replay the stories of when I stepped on my sister because I learned to walk first or that time I rode my tricycle down the stairs. I mean honestly, is it the same to scroll through Facebook photos? Photos trigger memories and laughter and tears and all those cheesy things. There is just something different about a physical photo. Somehow it seems that a photo just isn’t a photo until it exists in print form. 


I think it's important for couples to get a wedding album because it's something you can physically hold. Unfortunately technology can fail but you can always have a physical copy of prints. I also think it's much more meaningful and special to see a wedding day through prints or an album versus scrolling through images on a screen.