Ask The Team // What Advice Do You Have For Clients?

Photo by Jackson Faith

Photo by Jackson Faith


My biggest push for clients is to have the engagement session. That way they get comfortable with their photographer and the camera prior to the big day and all the added pressure. Also, having a day of coordinator so that the bride and groom do not have to worry about details and scheduling that day is super helpful to have!


Photo by Thea Volk

Photo by Thea Volk

There are a million ways to go about things when planning your wedding and everyone picks what best expresses them as a couple, so giving advice is not something I do often. Getting photographs that can be a lasting heirloom of your wedding day is my sole area of expertise though. So, over the years, I've come up with lots of little ways to help make that happen. The two biggest are time and light - time with the couple for portraits and access to beautiful light in a lovely location. Before the wedding, I work with couples to find these locations, which are usually around their venue, and to find the moments in their day's timeline.

Photo by Melissa Hesse

Photo by Melissa Hesse


Finding a photographer and vendors that you connect with helps create the energy you are looking to have on the wedding day. Nothing is worse than the couple running around trying to solve problems on the day of. If they have selected vendors they can trust and have everything nailed down ahead of time then couple can truly enjoy the day and stay on track with the itinerary. That also goes along with sitting down and finalizing the details with your vendors. Communication and organization is key to allow everything to run smoothly on your wedding day!

Photo by Ryan Stadler

Photo by Ryan Stadler


I try to encourage couples to take whatever the day brings and make the most of it. The hard work is finished. Now, sit back and experience everything. Rain or shine, hot or cold, the good and bad. It'll fly by so enjoy it! I'll be there to document it.

Photo by Maggie Witter

Photo by Maggie Witter


One big piece of advice I would give to clients is to let the day happen as it happens! Schedules and timelines are SO helpful and important but at the same time, don't get too worried if you fall behind schedule or get off track. It's so unfortunate to see a timeline stress a couple out when they should be worry free and focusing on enjoying each other and their day. It is YOUR day - enjoy it!

Photo by Bryan Blumenschein

Photo by Bryan Blumenschein


Having a solid timeline and plan for the day is critical. Make sure to communicate with everyone that's involved early on. Include names and numbers of the wedding party and vendors. See Itinerary example below!

Ceremony Location: Address & Phone Number

Reception Location: Address & Phone Number

*Main Contact Phone Number

10:00- Photographers arrive for getting ready photos (Grooms house)

12:00- Arrive and settle at (Venue address)

12:30- First look

12:35- Wedding party photos 

1:30- Couple's portraits 

2:00- Family formals

2:45- Wedding party takes break & prep for ceremony

3:00- Guests arrive

3:30- Ceremony begins

3:45- Ceremony ends

3:45- Cocktail hour begins // Receiving Line

4:00- Newlywed moment

5:30- Dinner begins (Buffet opens)

7:00- Cake Cutting & Speeches

7:15 - Tom and Amelia first dance

7:20- Party begins!

8:30- Sunset session with newlyweds