Ask the Team // Topic: What Inspires Your Work?

For this months topic we asked our team what inspires their work. We left it open for them to answer however they feel inspiration comes to them. As artists our work is constantly changing, and growing. For that reason we were interested in what inspires each member of our team since each of us have different perspectives from where our inspiration comes from.

Thea Volk

There are so many artists that have inspired me over the course of my career. Early on, I was drawn to the street photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisinau. Their work captures fleeting moments. You can sense movement, energy, and romance in them. Though not obvious, there is also amazing composition and even behind-the-scenes art direction. I combine my interest in street photography with a love for stylized portraiture. Annie Leibowitz, Richard Avedon. So, when shooting I'm always striking a balance between capturing moments and making portraits. For wedding photography in particular though, I work so that my images feel unstructured, yet artful. I want to capture the narrative without any gimmicks. But, I also want to present a curated collection of imagery to my clients. My final product aims to have the most simple, gestural, and emotional images from the day of shooting.

Maggie Witter

On a wedding day, I am most inspired by the relationships - between the couple but also between them and their families and friends. There are so many private, beautiful moments that happen throughout the wedding day and it's pretty amazing that as a couple's photographer, I am invited to witness those moments. These moments that the couple share with the most important people in the world to them are what really makes each photo matter. These are the photos that get me the most excited on a wedding day and they are the reason I love what I do so much. 

Melissa Hesse

The moment I found the connection between the work that I had been creating to the work that I wanted to create was a huge inspiring moment for me. Being a wedding photographer has opened up my world to photograph just about anything. From details, to portraits, to food, and moments fleeting by that are captured has pushed me to be inspired by all the components that go into a wedding. Your attention isn't solely focused on the couple, it is also focused on those around them and everything they put into it. Since no wedding is the same, every wedding inspires my work for the next one.

Jackson Faith

What inspires me most is a combination of things. I love the sentimental details of a wedding, the little pieces that mean more to the couple than anyone else. I also love the candid laughing moments of the day. My main goal is to capture the joy had during a wedding.

Ryan Stadler

Portrait and wedding photography is so much about other people. I have the privilege of documenting someone else's life, and this alone is very inspiring. When I photograph people I really connect with them. When they are in a great location with unique light, and the emotion of a wedding day, inspiration can really start to come to me. Inspiration comes to me especially as I keep working. It inspires me to also have peers by my side, and seeing friends and colleagues working their butts off to make great work motivates me to continue working. My photography seems to get better and grow as I continue to create.