Chelsey & Kyle // Engaged // Post by Thea


Chelsey and Kyle were full of love and joy during their engagement session. It really helps when a couple is comfortable in front of the camera, and these two totally were! We went all over Minneapolis starting at Lake Harriet, to the North Loop, and back alley's. I can't wait for these two to get married. Congratulations Chelsey and Kyle on your engagement!


Bryan & Flora // Married // Post by Ryan

I love when couples infuse so much of who they are into a wedding. Flora loves pink, vintage touches and elegance. Bryan loves nature. He spent his whole childhood adventuring on this property and learning about various plants. So, they had a very elegant, nature and pink filled wedding on the family farm and totally pulled it off. They kept the guest list short and sweet and threw one great party. Though it was hot and humid, you can't even tell from the photos. Everyone really enjoyed the day and as the sun set, a cool breeze carried any thought of sweat and stickiness away. Congratulations Bryan and Flora!!

Charlie & Brent // Married // Post by Melissa

When Charlie and Brent bought their new home in Minneapolis they instantly knew it would be their wedding location. Both being from Texas, and finding each other in Minnesota they made their wedding a reflection of the life they have built together here. These two have the sweetest souls, and anyone who encounters their love knows they are beyond perfect for each other. Congratulations Charlie and Brent!!

10 Years: Alumni Leslie Plesser

Leslie served on the Rivets and Roses team for a couple of seasons. She always finds the beauty in a couple and makes that connection with the viewer. Her passion for people, music, and dogs has tied in with her love for photography as well. We are honored to have had Leslie on our team, and are so proud of all that she has done since!

See more of Leslie's work here:

10 Years: Alumni Desiree Mostad

Desiree was on the Rivets and Roses team when she lived in Minnesota. Looking through our archive these images show that Desiree's work has always been fun, colorful, and she always is trying new things to continue growing as a photographer. Desiree is now an international lifestyle portrait and editorial travel photographer based in Stavanger, Norway. Check out her website, and see what she is up to:

10 Years: Alumni Brandon Werth

Brandon was the first photographer on Rivets and Roses. He and Eliesa Johnson started this company with little intention to have it grow to what it is today, but we are so happy it did! Looking through our archive these images show that Brandon's work has always been fun and playful.

Catch more of Brandon's work and see what he is up to now:

10 Years: Looking Back

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of our sister company Photogen Inc. Started by Eliesa Johnson our remarkable boss lady. As we celebrate all that she has done in the past 10 years, Rivets and Roses is part of that celebration. Our team has grown from what used to be one main shooter (Brandon Werth) to what is now 6 photographers.

There have been some seriously talented photographers who have served on the Rivets and Roses team in the past 10 years. Not only have they supported our team, and Photogen Inc. but so have our assistants. We are beyond thankful for all that the Rivets and Roses team members and assistants have put into these companies, and are proud of their hard working efforts that they have made to be where they are today.

A Moment // Post by Ryan

Every loop pulled and secured to its destination.

Every rush of emotion.

Every moment of panic and nervousness followed by immeasurable joy.

A pause as light falls from a distant window revealing just how perfect the dress fits.

Those fleeting moments of sun and warmth as you walk together towards an uncertain, but promising future. 


We are there with you and we feel it, too.    

Tiegan & Andy // Married // Post by Melissa

Every year Tiegan and Andy go on a camping trip in the summer with their family. This year they decided it was going to be for their wedding. Everyone gathered at the Black Lantern Resort in Bemidji, MN to celebrate the beautiful love they share together. I would take a trip every year to do this day all over again with them. Congratulations Tiegan and Andy!

Alex & Layna // Married // Post by Ryan

Couples often want to get away and have a private moment immediately following their ceremony. Alex and Layna did and these images are the result of giving your photographer even just 20 minutes to capture your excitement and love right after you say "i do." The rest of the night you'll be with all your family and friends till the lights go out. This is a perfect time to steal away on your wedding day.

Summer First Looks // Team Post

We have been thrilled with all of our summer clients who have chosen to do a first look before the ceremony. Here are a few highlights from those moments by our Rivets and Roses team!

Photo by Melissa Hesse

Photo by Melissa Hesse

Photo by Thea Volk

Photo by Thea Volk

Photo by Ryan Stadler

Photo by Ryan Stadler

Photo by Maggie Witter

Photo by Maggie Witter