Profile Event Center Wedding // Post by Melissa Hesse

Alex and Christian's wedding day landed on April 1st. However, it was no April fools joke that these two tied the knot! Their ceremony at Profile Event Center brought out all the tears and heartfelt milestones they have shared together. We were in on their day for just a very short time but the love they have and celebrated is one no one that was there will forget. Congratulations Alex and Christian!

5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer | Rivets and Roses

There are many questions you can ask a wedding photographer when you inquire with them. Our list of 5 questions to ask a wedding photographer are universal to any couple that meets with potential photographers. Read on!

1. How does hourly and full day coverage effect the timeline?

If the wedding photographer you are inquiring with offers full day and hourly coverage you will first want to consider which option fits best for your day. It will determine what time the photographer arrives and ends. Having full day coverage is going to allow flexibility in your timeline with no restrictions on the coverage. Hourly will be more restricted to the coverage depending on the hours you hire the photographer for. Asking this question will give you an idea of how they can work with your wedding day timeline, along with getting the coverage you are looking for.

2. Do I really need a second photographer?

Most wedding photographers offer packages that include a second photographer. The second photographer is there to support the lead for any needs they have. It allows the lead photographer to focus on the shot list while the second photographer captures moments that often go unseen. For example while you are having your portraits taken by the lead photographer the second photographer is capturing candid moments of the wedding party. Here at Rivets and Roses we give this question a big YES!

3. How will the images be delivered?

The delivery of your wedding images will most likely be delivered on a USB drive. Some photographers will also deliver them through an online gallery or both! File share programs such as Dropbox are also common for the delivery of images. Will the images be edited? Will the images be high resolution or low resolution? You can also ask them to give you a ball park of how many images will be delivered. The amount of images vary depending on the coverage you book them for.

4. Will there be a contract for the services?

Once you have selected your wedding photographer you will want to know the next step for booking them. It usually begins with signing a contract for their services. General contracts include the specifics of coverage, what is included in the delivery, an in depth description of the copyrights, and a model release. Often times the photographer requires a down payment at the same time of the booking. Along with asking about a contract we suggest asking about a down payment as well.

5. General questions to ask:

  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • How far in advanced should I book?
  • Who owns the rights to the images?
  • Have you photographed at our venue?
  • Can I see what a wedding delivery looks like?
  • Have you photographed weddings the size of mine?
  • What if I don't want my images shared on the internet?
  • When is the final payment due?
  • Is there a cancelation fee?
  • What happens if I lose my wedding images?

Wedding Photographers That Care | Rivets and Roses


A couple of weeks ago, we attended an event put on by Wedding Planner Faith Folayan, which was a conversation about diversity in the wedding industry.  We left feeling inspired and it also challenged us and pushed us to think, "What more can we do?

Our answer was to simply put out a little mission statement of what we believe as a company.

We're a team of wedding photographers who care deeply about our clients and we wanted to make this message loud and clear! We spent time this week putting printed newspapers all around town in the hopes that people can engage and begin the conversation to diversify the wedding industry.

We are strong. We are bold. We believe in love. 

We are Rivets and Roses. 

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer | Rivets & Roses

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.56.55 AM copy.jpg

How important are the photos?

We know you hear this in every article you read but your wedding photographs will be the everlasting memory of your day. As technology advances and changes we encourage all of our clients to make prints and albums because it is even more important to have photographs that will stand the test of time. 


Many couples are not aware of what wedding photography will cost and don't know where to begin when setting a budget for their photography. We will tell you this, the standard for an experienced wedding photographer starts in the $2,500 range and up. The packages are what will vary and determine the coverage you get within your budget. There is no right or wrong about choosing a photographer in your budget. Your budget is your budget for the type of wedding you are having and finding a photographer you LOVE in your budget is important!


One of the first steps in choosing a wedding photographer will come down to the style of the photographer's work. Do you want classic, artistic, lifestyle, dramatic, documentary, or a slight hint of fashion? Determining the aesthetic of your wedding will also help you find a photographer whose style matches your vision. The photographer's work will tell the story of your wedding day, so do your homework and narrow down those artists whose work you feel is a perfect fit for your big day.


Once you have selected your top wedding photographers, meeting with them will be your next step. The person you are going to choose to be your wedding photographer should be someone you want to hang out with and are comfortable being around. After all they will be spending intimate and close moments with you throughout the day. The photographer should also be someone you see getting along with your family and friends. As much of the first half of the day will be around the couple the photographer also has to direct family photos and interact with guests. You will want to make sure you love your photographer as much as they love you. 

Choose your photographer!

By the time you have done your research and met with photographers, chances are you have a gut feeling about who you want to go with. This is exactly where you should be in this journey. Here at Rivets and Roses we believe in finding your perfect photographer. We know that connection is a magical moment for everyone! Your wedding photography journey begins here - getting to know each other and taking your engagement photos. Enjoy every step of the way!

Millennium Hotel Wedding | Gerald + Brian | Post by Melissa Hesse

Gerald and Brian's wedding was held at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. They didn't have a wedding party or a huge guest list. Just their close friends and family gathered for their quick 15 minute ceremony and celebrated in a cocktail style reception room. Everything about their day was easy going and all about the celebration of their love. It was absolutely an incredible day for these two. Congratulations to Gerald and Brian!

Como Conservatory Minneapolis Engagement Photos | Rivets & Roses

Mily and Alicia wanted to represent their backgrounds for their engagement session. Alicia being from Minnesota we embraced the winter landscape and Mily being from Ponce Puerto Rico, we adventured through the Como Zoo Conservatory for the tropical environment. Both being from different parts of the world and finding each other here in Minneapolis they will celebrate with family and friends in May at their wedding and after honeymoon in Puerto Rico. So happy these two have found each other!

Milwaukee WI Wedding Photo Ideas | Rivets & Roses

Madelyne and Zack's wedding day began at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. Friends and Family traveled from all over to witness their early afternoon ceremony. Their reception was held later in the day at the Milwaukee Public Market where the champagne flowed and emotional speeches congratulated the newlywed couple. These two had the most perfect celebration of their love. It is an honor to know them personally and to have been there documenting their special day. Congratulations Madelyne and Zack!

Little Falls, Minnesota Wedding Pictures | Rivets & Roses

It was the most perfect fall day for Aaron and Alissa to get married at Alissa's family home in Little Falls, MN . I have known these two for only a short amount of time but the warmth from their love wraps everyone around them like a big comfy blanket. Their entire wedding day felt that way and it couldn't have been more perfect for them! It was such an honor to document this special day. Congratulations to Aaron and Alissa!

Lakewood Cemetery Wedding Photos | Rivets & Roses

Mely and Dan's wedding day set the bar for any October wedding. When I first knew about their cemetery wedding in October I was all in! You don't see weddings in a cemetery often but it truly complimented their classical vintage wedding by L'Etoile Events . The celebration continued at The Happy Gnome and damn did they throw a party! So happy to have been there to document this special day for these two. Congratulations to the new Mr. + Mrs. Hallgren!