St. Croix River Engagement Session // Lyndie + John // Post by Melissa

When planning Lyndie and John's engagement session it was a no brainer to go out on their boat and find a secluded island on the St. Croix River. We went out on the evening of Labor Day and rode around to find the perfect spot. Once we found it we docked the boat and adventured around and had the most fun on the island. Can't wait for their big day next month at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis!

Rivets and Roses // New Brand Identity!

Brand Identity work by Dschwen

Brand Identity work by Dschwen

We are super excited to share the new identity of Rivets and Roses! We worked with the brilliant mind of David Schwen of Dschwen to bring this all together and we are SO happy with how it turned out!

Rivets and Roses is an affordable wedding photography studio, serving the Midwest and featuring the work of 6 artists. Our sister company, PHOTOGEN INC., is a luxury wedding photography brand. Part of the new identity was to create branding that separated the different price points and client base of work. The Rivets and Roses brand took on a friendlier font that is more approachable. 

You can check out all of our other brands at the sites below:

Monthly Blog Topic // Team Post

For this months blog topic we asked our team why they think it is important for couples to get a wedding album and prints. In the time of digital what is the value of printed product?


I think having a printed album gives you a reason to relive your big day over and over. Friends and Family will also enjoy picking up the book off your coffee table for years to come. 


Receiving 750 images from your wedding day can be really overwhelming. My wife and I decided to create an album from our wedding photos and every year, on our anniversary, we find a cozy spot and go through it together. A lot of couples simply miss out on having a real, tangible experience with their photos because they are forever stuck on a digital device. If you love the smell of coffee, the sound of music on vinyl or actually going to a forest or lake and smelling the trees and diving into the water, not just seeing all this on your instagram feed, you NEED to make it a priority to get your hands on an album. I've never heard a couple regretting the decision to get an album. Do it! 


Wedding albums and prints are a meaningful piece of family history that for centuries people hold onto. We will never know if we can hold onto digital files forever since we live in a time where things are constantly changing. From my own personal experience having a wedding album to display the highlights of the day is priceless for the amount of joy it brings to us and others.


Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to describe the value of a printed photo,  or of an album. As a kid, on rainy days or just when bored, I would grab family photo albums and just flip through the pages often asking my mom and dad to replay the stories of when I stepped on my sister because I learned to walk first or that time I rode my tricycle down the stairs. I mean honestly, is it the same to scroll through Facebook photos? Photos trigger memories and laughter and tears and all those cheesy things. There is just something different about a physical photo. Somehow it seems that a photo just isn’t a photo until it exists in print form. 


I think it's important for couples to get a wedding album because it's something you can physically hold. Unfortunately technology can fail but you can always have a physical copy of prints. I also think it's much more meaningful and special to see a wedding day through prints or an album versus scrolling through images on a screen. 

Introducing Jess + Angela | Welcome to Rivets and Roses

We have some exciting news here at Rivets and Roses! As we are all in the midst of the 2016 season, we are also gearing up for 2017 and all that it will bring! 

We want to introduce you to our two new photographers that will be joining our team! Please help us in welcoming Jess Ekstrand and Angela Baggett! Both of these women come with years of experience and a ton of talent behind them. We are so excited to offer their services for 2017!

Jess Ekstrand

Jess Ekstrand

Meet Jess Ekstrand!

You might recognize Jess, as she has been assisting weddings with us for the past five years! Beyond that, Jess brings a total of 10 years of experience to her clients and we couldn't be more thrilled with her becoming a lead photographer for Rivets!

"A wedding day can be really fun and a little crazy, so I like to keep things chill. I love small weddings and clients that infuse their day with a combination of their personalities. Of course it's considered a bonus if you like bikes, beer, and the great outdoors!"

View more work from Jess and see pricing on the website!

Angela Baggett

Angela Baggett

Meet Angela!

Angela joins our team with five years of wedding experience! After graduating from the Arts Institute of Minneapolis, she knew she wanted to focus on wedding photography and she is the perfect addition to our team.

"My ideal client: It's simple. They are all about celebrating their love together with the people they love most in the world. My style is documenting the day in the most genuine, elegant, and creative way possible."

View Angela's full portfolio and pricing on the website!

As always the rest of our Rivets and Roses team is currently booking for the 2017 wedding season!

Downtown Minneapolis Wedding // Mr. + Mrs. Mara // Post by Ryan Stadler

Christina and Brian traveled from Seattle Washington to Downtown Minneapolis for their wedding. They began the day with all their close friends and family as they got ready at the Westin Hotel. Everyone gathered for their ceremony at the Church of Saint Albert and for their reception at the Mill City Museum. The entire day Christina and Brian bubbled with happiness and we couldn't be happier for the two of them! Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Mara!

Schaar's Bluff Gathering Center Wedding // Mr. + Mrs. Thorn // Post by Jackson Faith

Jamie + Paul's Schaar's Bluff Gathering Center wedding brought us gorgeous views that complimented their genuine love. They both are so easy going and have a true understanding of love that is admirable to all who know them. The good luck rain came before the ceremony and held off through their reception. Friends and family enjoyed their two favorite foods trucks and games as the skies broke into a gorgeous sunset. Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Thorn on a beautiful wedding!

Five Event Center Wedding // Mr. + Mr. Friend-Heintz // Post by Melissa Hesse

Dominic and Ken met in Laguna Beach where they lived and got engaged. They now have made a home together in Minneapolis where they started their wedding day. Friends and family gathered at FIVE Event Center to witness the two of them tie the knot and celebrate their magnetic love. Mi Mi Design created a beautiful day for everyone that was commemorated over a casual dinner by Chowgirls. The entire day we kept thinking how perfect everything was for Ken and Dominic. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Ask the Team // Frequently Asked Questions

Photo by Thea Volk

Photo by Thea Volk


Most of the questions I receive are related to how photography and their wedding timeline can work best together. Getting all the photo events and locations that the couple want into the schedule is important to do before the wedding day. That way the family and the couple are not left wondering where to be or what to do. They can relax more and enjoy the celebration.


Clients ask me what I recommend most.

I think it is a great investment to have a wedding planner.  This takes so much stress off the couple on their wedding day and makes everything more enjoyable.

Photo by Melissa Hesse

Photo by Melissa Hesse


One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is about wedding day coverage. For some couples full day coverage is the way to go and for others hourly coverage will depend on what kind of wedding they are having. Every wedding is different and each couple should consider what is important to them when booking a photographer. With full day coverage you will get your photographer from the start of your day to the end of the day with no time or coverage restrictions. With hourly you will have to figure out what parts of your day you will want your photographer to document. Deciding which way to go will depend on budget and the type of wedding you are having!


Summit Manor Wedding // Mr. + Mrs. Coben // Post by Melissa

Amelia and Tom's wedding was held at the Summit Manor Reception House in Saint Paul, MN. It was the same location that Tom's parents had their wedding and in the neighborhood where Tom grew up. There is nothing I love more than the perfect venue and meaning behind the details that go into a wedding day that fit perfectly for the couple. Amelia and Tom kept the tradition going in the family and kicked it off with an amazing celebration of their love!